Monday, July 30, 2012

Solving Mysteries with the Help of Mod Podge!

Mystery Number One:

Whose paper is this????????

I saw the No Name clip project on Pinterest and knew right away I had to make one for my room.

Pinterest Inspiration

I rummaged through the basement to find a piece of scrap wood. Then I prettied it up with some polk-a-dot scrapbook paper, printed and cut out cute letters, set everything in place with Mod Podge, hot glued the clothespins, attached a string of jute rope, and voila:
I think the polka-dot background competes with the lettering a little, so I may go back and apply solid black letters... I'm not sure yet.

Mystery Number Two:

Now where did I put________? I just had it in my hand a second ago!

Do you ever set things down in your classroom and then poof they disappear!  Well in my room we often play the, Mrs. G is looking for her (enter random teacher thingy here), who can help me find it? , game.

I am often misplacing my clipboard.

To make matters worse, all my kids use clipboards as well.  They rarely sit at desks and often need a surface to write on, and all the clipboards look the same.  So, it can be hard to distinguish which one belongs to me if I happen to set it down and then walk clear across the room to attend to a child (or 5) in need.

Then the game turns into "is this it?", "No", "Is this one it?", "No".....

So now it is decked out, front and back, in polka-dots and I should be able to keep track of it a little better, or at least the kids will know which clipboard to look for now!


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    PS...we must be related! My students are so used to hearing, "Ok, where is my ___?" LOL