Monday, July 23, 2012

Clip Chart Freebie

I love owls!  They have been my theme for the past 5 years.  So, when I started using the clip chart for behavior I wanted to develop a way of tracking the colors students were on at the end of each day. Naturally, I added owls to the document to go along with my theme.  I thought I'd share it because I've noticed I'm not the only one who seems to love these wide-eyed creatures.
Owl Behavior Tracking Tool
(free for a limited time)

The tool is really simple to use.  Each behavior log is placed inside a plastic sleeve, which in turn is inside their daily take home folder (called the O.W.L. of course).  At the end of the day students get their folders out, check the chart, receive "glittery eggs"if they've made it to the top, and then they color in their square for the day.  I staple notes to logs that are in the red and all students bring home the logs to show to their parents.  I ask that parents sign the logs at the end of the week, and if they do the next Monday those students get to automatically move up one color on the chart.  This way even my kiddos that may have been in yellow, orange or red are already heading up, and I know that the parents are probably talking to them about their behavior.  At the end of the month I collect all the logs and save them for conferences.  The logs have been a very positive experience so far and I've had many parents write notes to the kids about how proud they are, and some have even set goals for their child.  Enjoy!

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