Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goal Setting With Class Dojo!

Most of you know about Class Dojo and all the wonderful things it provides teachers with to make our classes run smoothly and to help us seamlessly connect with our parents. I'm so excited to share a new thing I tried out this past school year! Behavior goal setting using the data from Class Dojo. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to have my students participate in goal setting.

 Every Friday, while students worked on Read to Self or Read to Someone, I would call individual students over to the reading table and go over their Dojo wheel. We would look at the points they earned, positive and negative and talk about how they did. Then I would pull out the goal sheet they had completed for the week and the student would write a response about how they met, or did not meet, their goal for the week. I then gave them a new goal sheet and they would choose a new goal to work on for the following week. They usually did this at their seat, and I would then call another student over. When they finished writing their new goal, I would collect it and write the number of points they earned for the week at the top. The kids collected points and then spent them on classroom rewards. At the beginning of the year I modeled the goal setting conference a lot for my second graders, and we did need about 30 minutes to get through all the conferences and have everyone cash in their points. After a few weeks we were down to 15 minutes. Cashing in points is what took up the majority of the time, so you could do that at a separate time if needed.

I also sent home the goal sheet to parents, but you could keep them for conferences. They would also be great evidence for your teaching portfolios!

I'm switching to first grade next year, so one new thing I'm going to add is a small card at each child's table spot for them to reference during the week. It would have worked well for my second graders this past year as well.  I'll have students circle the picture that matches the goal they are working on and this will give them a visual reminder of what they are working on.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!