Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goal Setting With Class Dojo!

Most of you know about Class Dojo and all the wonderful things it provides teachers with to make our classes run smoothly and to help us seamlessly connect with our parents. I'm so excited to share a new thing I tried out this past school year! Behavior goal setting using the data from Class Dojo. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to have my students participate in goal setting.

 Every Friday, while students worked on Read to Self or Read to Someone, I would call individual students over to the reading table and go over their Dojo wheel. We would look at the points they earned, positive and negative and talk about how they did. Then I would pull out the goal sheet they had completed for the week and the student would write a response about how they met, or did not meet, their goal for the week. I then gave them a new goal sheet and they would choose a new goal to work on for the following week. They usually did this at their seat, and I would then call another student over. When they finished writing their new goal, I would collect it and write the number of points they earned for the week at the top. The kids collected points and then spent them on classroom rewards. At the beginning of the year I modeled the goal setting conference a lot for my second graders, and we did need about 30 minutes to get through all the conferences and have everyone cash in their points. After a few weeks we were down to 15 minutes. Cashing in points is what took up the majority of the time, so you could do that at a separate time if needed.

I also sent home the goal sheet to parents, but you could keep them for conferences. They would also be great evidence for your teaching portfolios!

I'm switching to first grade next year, so one new thing I'm going to add is a small card at each child's table spot for them to reference during the week. It would have worked well for my second graders this past year as well.  I'll have students circle the picture that matches the goal they are working on and this will give them a visual reminder of what they are working on.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday with Class Dojo!

I have received a few requests about creating an editable version of my Class Dojo chart.  I don't have the fancy version of Adobe that allows you to type in the text boxes, so I did create a partially editable version in PowerPoint.  You just need to add text boxes to the page and type in your ideas.  You can find the link to the PowerPoint at the bottom of my post.

~Original Post~

I am in love with Class Dojo.  Prior to using the site, I used the colorful class clip chart that many of you have seen around the web. Kids would move clips up and down the chart, and when they reached the top I gave students "space rocks", otherwise known as sticky gems, to attach to their clip.  I would also give them a good news postcard with a personal note on the back and indicated one thing they did well that day.

Here's a picture of the cards I gave out.  The back has a similar pattern and an empty white space to write in.
If you'd like to use these for your class click here for the file.

At the end of the day, I would then have students color in a tree shape on their behavior log.                   To read more about this sheet click here.

                                            You can get a copy of this sheet at my TPT store.

But then......
I found this!

                                                                CLASS DOJO!

I keep this up on my SMARTboard all day, and the company also has an app that lets you track student behavior from your phone, or iPad.  So, if we are out at recess, I can log points.  If I'm in the lunchroom, library, computer lab, it doesn't matter. Class Dojo travels with me.

At the end of the day the students record the number of points they earned. The point totals for the day show up right next to their name.  I have various point totals color coded, so if they earn 5 or more points that day, then they color that day on their behavior log purple. 3-4 points earns a true blue, 1-2 is a light blue, 0 points is green, and negative points have them coloring in yellow, orange and red.  So, it is very much like what I did before, only now the actual behavior recording device is more engaging and easier to manage.

To make it even better, my students can now earn coupons with the points they collect over the course of the week.  On Monday, I set a end of the week total the kids need to hit.  If they earn that many points, then they can choose a coupon.  I use coupons much like those offered on Mel's, Suesstastic Classroom blog.  The kids love them!

Class Dojo also keeps track of all your student behaviors so that you can print out a nice sheet to show parents, and the site will even send a daily behavior report email to parents.

The site has many other fantastic features, and best of all it is FREE!

Partially Editable Version

Monday, June 30, 2014

Math Workshop!


What will the other students do while I am working with a small group?  This component of the math workshop might be worrisome for teachers, but it doesn't have to be.  The key is making the stations simple, and very routine.  I do not spend weekends creating tons of activities or worksheets, nor do I want to have stacks of papers to grade during the week.  So, what do I have my kids do?

My first station is independent work time.  During this time my students are working on an assignment from my school's chosen curriculum.  We use Everyday math, so the math boxes associated with the day's lesson are the assignment during the independent station (I may call this independent work time, but my students are allowed to work together in pairs at this station if they need extra support).

Station number two is a skill or enrichment station.  Students might play a game related to the day's teaching point, or they may work on math puzzles, practice telling time, count money, look for patterns, measure things, create graphs, create story problems, create a book about a math concept...the possibilities are endless.  This will be the one station you'll need to prep, but it can remain the same all week.  Many times I'll use the "readiness", or "enrichment" activities from the Everyday math series, but you could use folder games, skills-based activities, or even an online program like Kahn Academy.

My third station is fact practice!  This station has my students partnering up with a peer-tutor and reviewing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  The facts the students practice are based on their own level, are sent home for homework practice, and match a daily time test. The time test ensures that they are practicing the facts, and making progress.  Once students have gone through the tutoring process they move on to a game.  Everyday math has many games that are based on fact practice, but in addition to these games the students also have access to math games on an iPad.

Debbie Diller has a great book for math workstations!

I have put together a 52-page resource for teachers to use if they are interested in starting a math workshop! The link is at the bottom.

Well that is all for today!  I hope everyone is enjoying their last day of June! sigh.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello "Weekend"

We had our back to school night last night, and I just love my new class.  I was able to meet most of my families, but due to the excessive heat and humidity we had going on yesterday I think a few chose to stay home in the AC.  I love having a chance to meet and greet all my new families before the school year officially begins.  It just makes me that much more excited about the first day.  I even had a few surprise visits from former students as well. They always make my day because they tell me they wish they could still be in second grade. They are so sweet! 

Well, I am off to get my house in order.  It has been neglected this past week as I was busily preparing for the new year. Yikes!

Take Care everyone!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Peek at My Week Linky

Our first week doesn't start until after Labor Day, but I wanted to join in on the Linky fun.

I use two different resources from the wonderful Amy Lemons.  Let's Get Started, which are beginning of the year math activities and My School Rules.  My School Rules is fantastic and I love the scenarios she provides that engage the students in problem solving responses to poor behavior choices.  I use Whole Brain Teaching, so we go over those concepts quite often the first few days of school.

I also use the Teach Wife's Back to School pack.  The teacher hunt, board game and all about me book get us all acquainted with one another.  Something new I am planning on trying is Alma Almazan's Scan It, Read It, Find It, Write It sight words packet.  While the kiddos are busy trying it out, I'll be doing individual assessments of sight word knowledge. 
I am also putting to use the adorable Daily 5 posters created by Leslie, the Groovy Teacher. To round out my reading instruction, I'll be using lessons from Tanny McGregor's book Comprehension Connections. She has a new book out that I am eagerly waiting from Amazon. It should be here today!  

 Click Here to Download lessons. They are not editable, sorry. 

To add your own lessons to the linky, please click on the Peek at My Week Linky picture below.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Reveal and another Freebie

Okay I have have everything done except my door. That will be a project for next week.  Almost everything on the inside is ready to go!

Well that is all for now.
When I get my door done, I will post it!

Here is the freebie...

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

QR Codes for Class Dojo


I thought I'd share this with everyone!  I created Class Dojo themed QR behavior cards to use with the kiddos.

In my room I'll be using them to reward students that have earned a set number of points by the end of the week.  They'll reach in a bowl and draw a mystery card. Once they scan the card they'll see the reward they have earned!

I used the free QR creator below to create codes.

Take Care!