Sunday, August 11, 2013


Here is a quick photo montage of our trip.

 First stop, Milwaukee Museum of Art. We looked at art,made some art, and found a sculpture of our dog Lola!

We also ate at the Safe House.  You need to know the secret password to get in, or else they make you do a silly dance!

Then we went up north to Houghton, Michigan. We used to live here when my husband went to Michigan Tech.   This is the bridge over the Portage Canal.

The first thing we did was walk some of the homeless dogs from the shelter that I worked at 17 years ago.

This is Covered Road, just Northwest of Houghton. It is really pretty in the fall.
Here we are getting ready to go down into the old Delaware Mine.  I am extremely nervous in caves and things of that nature! I prefer to look for my rocks above ground.

This is me walking as fast as I can in the dark, and my husband trying to get me to stop for a photo!

No, Thank You!

 This is outside of the mine.

Views from Quincy Mine at the top of Mount Ripley overlooking Houghton. 

Here are the girls on top of Brockway Mountain Drive. Every time we go to the copper country we make them sit together for a photo. I need to get them all put together.

These next photos are of my favorite rock picking place on the planet!  We came up to do the Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Race for the fourth time.  It is probably one of our favorites. 2,500 people turned out for it this year.

I did have a wonderful time, but I have to admit I was constantly fretting over all the things I still needed to get done before the start of the year.  I spent the entire 28 miles of my bike race/ride thinking about school, well maybe only 22 miles of it. The rest was spent enjoying the scenery.  It was the first time I had been back on my mountain bike since last July, and  I really have missed being able to ride my bike in the woods.

Well, I am off to buy MORE ink so I can run the rest of the things I need to laminate before the beginning of the school year.

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