Saturday, August 11, 2012

Label Freebies

I know I haven't posted classroom pictures just yet.  I need to go back with a real camera and take more photos. The ones I took with my phone camera were just terrible!  So to make up for it I am posting some folder labels for free.  I set them up to print on Avery 5160's.  However, I alway print my labels on the "shipping label" paper because no matter how hard I try to get things just right... I always manage to lose about a third of my labels due to them not lining up! ARRGH! Does that ever happen to you?  I know that cutting them out can be a pain, but I'd rather not let any go to waste. So anyhoo, click {HERE} to download them and have a wonderful, fantastic Saturday!

The line I have above the text on the label is where I write student names.

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